The best tours foreigners are missing in Japan are factory tours! These days, Japan is known for kawaii, Jpop, Jdrama, manga, anime, lolita fashion, gyaru (gal), etc, but it wasn’t too long Japan was known for its high-tech products such as TVs, computers, automobiles, robots, and perhaps toilets. Many firms in once proud these high-tech industry have moved their factories overseas, however there are still plenty of factories in Japan. A lot of these factories have factory tours for public for free or very little costs. Joining the factory tours and looking at well-trained workers operate gigantic machines moving full speed, learning about their hidden efforts and secrets to keep producing high quality products loved all over the world is very fascinating!

One of the best thing about the factory tours is they sometimes give you free gifts when you go. If you have questions during the tours, the guides in the factories can answer almost any questions you ask (in Japanese, maybe not in English). O.K. You are not interested in high-tech stuff!? But, you like to drink and eat, don’t you? Beverage & food factories often give you samples. My friends enjoyed 2 glasses of fresh beer, when we went to Asahi brewery factory in Shikoku. Me? I was a driver, so I could not drink. However, I still enjoyed the tour. I want you to have a good time, too. I will try to create this site a comprehensive list of factory tours of Japan in English as good as possible. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact me on twitter.

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