Tips for Factory Tour in Japan

You should never be late for the factory tour. You’d better arrive the factory 10 to 15 minutes prior to the starting time. If you know, you are going to be late or can’t go on the schedule date, you have to call the factory and inform them, because they are waiting for you to come and there are other tour members waiting for you, too!

When you arrive at the factory, usually these is a guardhouse at a gate. Tell a guard that you came here for a factory tour. Some factories require you to fill in a form before the factory tour.

You have to keep in mind that factories are companies and firms. They are not for the entertainment. Even though you are visiting their factories to have fun, factory tour guides and factory workers are working. During factory tours, you should not eat, drink, take photos, talk too loud, smoke unless you are allowed to do so.

You are expected to stand and walk during factory tours, so it’s good idea to wear comfortable shoes.

Most of the factories don’t want restaurants for tourists, so you should eat either before or after the tour.

Factory tours are guided by Japanese however there are few factories which have language assistance in different language. So you might want to ask about it when you make reservations.

Unless otherwise noted, all the factory tours introduced on this website are free admission, but require reservations.

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